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Report Crime/Non-emergency

If this is an Emergency call 911.

Call 661-327-7111 to report:
Stolen vehicle, or
Burglary (residential or business)


Please note that online reports are intended for offenses that do not require a police response.  Completing an online report is for documentation and/or insurance purposes only and will not result in a police officer responding to the scene.  This does not preclude follow-up investigation by a Detective if further investigation is needed.

In completing the Online Report you confirm:

  • This is not an emergency.
  • I know that filing a false police report is a crime.
  • This incident occurred within the Bakersfield Police Department City limits.
  • I understand that Bakersfield Police Department will review this case and may contact me if further information is needed.
  • Pop-up blocking software has been turned off.

Frequently Asked Questions & Online Tutorials

After the Report is Submitted:

  • When finished with the report, you will receive the confirmation, “Your online police report has been submitted".
  • You will also receive a temporary case number for your records and be able to print a temporary report.
  • Upon approval of you submission: you will be e-mailed your case number and a PDF copy of your police report.

Types of Online Reporting: